Zippered Holographic Makeup Bag Bulk

Zippered Holographic Makeup Bag Bulk

Custom wholesale holographic makeup bag bulk from us to catch the trendy of this season, from small to large size, this transparent, zippered holographic makeup bag ideal for cosmetics, toiletries, and baby care, jewelry.

Prepare for your gift store or online shop, custom bulk for your brand promotion.

  • Size: 18*9*7.5cm or 22*11*8cm or customized
  • Material: TPU
  • Color: Holographic
  • MOQ: 500pcs

Why buy zippered holographic makeup bag bulk?

Buy zippered holographic makeup bag bulk from us, you are lucky to get the factory-direct price, help you to save hundreds of dollars and shipping costs. With the advantage of competitive prices, you can attract more clients and take up more market share in a short time.

This holographic clear bag is multi-functional, for cosmetics, jewelry, baby care items, girls also can use it as a pencil pouch. Out of question, buy bulk for your store or online shop, you can have more customer groups.

The holographic bag is so special, see different colors at different directions of shinny iridescent, which would be a hot sale gift, especially for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas.

What’s more, treat it as a promotional gift, can attract more potential clients. Use this bag to add value to your brand cosmetics, that would be a strong relationship between your brand and clients.

A reusable cosmetic bag reminds them every time when they pick up to see your logo. They also love to share with friends and sisters.

Buy holographic makeup bags in bulk won’t break your budget, but bring many chances for you, keep in touch and custom-made your bag now!

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