The Ultimate Guide to Tote Bags and Great Uses

Table of Contents

What is a tote bag?

  • A tote bag is a large and often unfastened bag with parallel handles that emerge from the sides of its pouch

How did tote bags become so popular?

  • Tote bag is reusable, durable, and light-weighted, and can be used last for years. Environment-friendly reduced the single-use plastic bags and brings green to the earth. Sustainable tote bag is multi-functional no matter for men and women, even kids.

  • Cost-effective and printable to be unique and stylish, let the tote bags become everyone’s best choice.

What is the best material to make a tote bag?

  • There are different materials that can be used for tote bags, canvas, cotton, nylon, polyester, leather, jute, denim, non-woven, or PVC. Easy to print personalized information and pictures, it’s a competitive way to enhance your brand awareness.

What is the purpose of a tote bag? Great tote bag uses.

  • What are the most functional & fashionable tote bags? You can almost see people carrying a tote bag anywhere and at any age.

Tote bags be used for school

  • If you still doubt that, should I get a tote bag to carry around campus or high school? There are already hundreds of thousands of students who use tote bags to cover their books and daily uses. It’s simple but not dull, they can choose the suitable styles of printing as they like. Select the one not huge but not too small. If you are the owner of the school, why not think about naming your brand on it?
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Tote bags be used for shopping

  • Going outside shopping with your friends never forget to take the tote bag with you. Not only to cover your items like an umbrella, wallet, and a bottle of water, but also big enough to transfer your new clothes, cosmetics, and gifts.
  • The tote bag with long handles can set your hands free and protect items well.

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Tote bags for industrial use

  • Custom tote bags in a big or huge size ideal for industrial uses, tools transportations. Canvas, nylon, or polyester material would be a great selection. Jute totes are good for seeds.

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Tote bags for office use

  • A leather tote bag is a soft, well-structured bag that can be comfortable, with a zipper protected can hold an iPad, wallet, phone, keys, and cosmetics. In addition to that, some documents, and magazines also can be covered.

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Tote bags for food

  • Reusable tote bags made of mesh and cotton material are ideal for all kinds of food transportation, fruits, bread, vegetables, etc. The tote bag is breathable and can keep food fresh for and long time.

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Tote bags for cooking

  • Is that a fantastic tote bag with special printings in your kitchen that helps you to collect small items to make your cooking fun and happy? The answer is yes. Every household would love to buy more than one tote bag.

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Tote bags for groceries

  • Reusable heavy-duty grocery bags are one way you can reduce one-time-use plastic bags and contribute to a greener shopping experience.

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Tote bags for carry-on luggage in traveling

  • Are our tote bags good for travel? Exactly! You can choose a medium size to store all your personal belongings. Wear it outside or package it in the backpack.

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Tote bags with zippers for work

  • Well-designed stylish tote bags with zipper closure is safe to protect your items during commuting, large top-open provides the most convenience to reach out to what is inside.

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Tote bags for laundry

  • Large laundry baskets and portable laundry fabric tote bags are essential to hotels, treat as a washing bin, collecting the changed clothes and provide a great service to your clients.

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Tote bags for gym

  • If you own a gym or club, do not hesitate to custom bulk tote bags with name-brand printing. What are the benefits of having a gym tote bag? Leave a deep impression on your customers, provide convenience, and this is a moving advertisement when people wear it everywhere.

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Tote bags for daytime

  • Choose a small tote bag to treat as a purse, cover your mobile phone, keys, amounts of cash, and transportation card, ID cards. It’s simple but not out of date.

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Tote bags for the beach bag

  • What makes a good beach tote bag? We have to say it’s waterproof, large capacity, easy to carry, and if there are any apartments to keep wetly isolated that would be a great choice.

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Tote bags for the diaper bag

  • Every new mom would love to buy at least one tote bag for the diaper, which they can wear on the shoulder and reach out items just lower their head. Many pockets help keep things in order, large capacity can meet the requirements and cover all necessities.

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Tote bags for home storage

  • Each household has one least tote bag for home storage, for different kinds of tools, and toys, and add a zipper for clothing, bed bath, and beyond.

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Tote bags for the lunch bag

  • Tote lunch bag with insulated material keeps warm or cooler ideal for transferring your delicious lunch to the school, or office. Large size with compartments, which is a great solution for picnic bags to cover wine bottles, fruits, and food. Enjoy a weekend with your family.

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Tote bags for holidays

  • To celebrate holidays, the tote bag is a nice gift. You can decorate it for Mother’s Day, a custom special for Halloween, Christmas, and Easter. Cover for candies, cookies, and all kinds of small items.

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Tote bags for employees

  • Do you prefer receiving a personalized tote bag or a personalized notebook from your employer? Most answers should be a tote bag. It’s multi-functional, suitable for men, and women, and also can send it to kids, the aged person.
  • From the side of the company, do not hesitate to custom print the company logo, and brand name on it. Let this small tote bag reach more potential clients.

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Tote bags for package

  • Tote bags for package daily use and clothing in the suitcase for a business trip or traveling, keep isolated to other things, everything in order and easy to take it out.

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Tote bags for laptop

  • Tote bags with leather handles are soft and comfortable, suitable size for a laptop, easy to reach out, and convenient for working and business. Add shoulder stripe or not as you like.

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Tote bags for a toiletry bag

  • Plastic PVC tote bags are the best choice for a toiletry bag, it’s waterproof and see-through, and you can hang them on the door or stand on the desk. Full fill with the toiletry tools and washing towel.

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Tote bags for delivery and takeaway food

  • Fast food and all kinds of takeaway snacks, packaged in non-woven printed tote bags are good for delivery and advertising, improve brand awareness and leave a deep impression on your clients.

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Tote bags for business promotion

  • When you go to the trade show, conference, events, and ceremonies, you can always see the tote bag giveaways. Custom printed the company’s logo, brand name, contact information, or slogan. This branded tote bag works well for businesses related to realtors.

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Tote bags for donation

  • For charity and donation, cannot miss the tote bag. Buy bulk of blank tote bags or printed them for kids, students, or teachers. They will be appreciated!

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Tote bags for gift

  • A tote bag is one of the best welcome gifts for parties, events, and ceremonies, people will keep it for daily uses, and your logo will always remind them. If you want to send some luxury gifts to your loyal clients, a leather tote is a nice selection.

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Tote bags for stadium

  • Why are only clear tote bags and only small purses allowed at concerts now? To keep the safety, only allowed items and things can be taken into. Clear tote bags are the best choice, people can see through them without opening them.

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Tote bags for wedding

  • Make your wedding memorable and fantasy? Do not hesitate to custom wholesale tote bags with personalized photos and wishes, share these trendy and stylish totes with your friends, and family. What’s more, it’s great for bridesmaid totes.

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Tote bags for wine bottle

  • Want to coat and decorate your wine bottle in a good way? Custom brand name printed wine tote bags wholesale is a good idea. Buy bulk of high-quality wine tote bags at a wholesale price won’t break your budget but help you to improve the level and enhance brand awareness.

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Where can I find great tote bags?

  • After seeing so many uses of tote bags, there must be at least one you are interested in. If you are thinking about, how do I get connected to tote bag suppliers and printers for international orders? Here is the right place.
  • Devilshe, is a professional customized tote bags supplier in China, quality guaranteed and affordable wholesale price. Buy blank totes or custom printing bags all can get you covered.
  • The fully experienced and friendly team can operate international shipments easily.

How much do tote bags cost?

  • Tote bags cost based on the dimensions, material, and color, personalized crafts, as well as quantity.

How do I get/order customized tote bags?

Custom tote bags are easy,

  • Firstly, you should have an idea of what kind of tote bag you need, and the suitable size for your application.
  • Second, choose the right material you like.
  • Thirdly, need any personalized crafts? Keep blank or printed, with pockets, zippers, or not.
  • Finally, decide the tote quantity you are going to make.

How do you transfer pictures to a tote bag?

  • Custom printing pictures on the tote, there are different methods:
  • Screen printing for simple and single color
  • Digital and thermal printing for small quantities with full colors
  • Offset printing is cost-effective for large quantity

What sizes of tote bags?

  • Tote bags dimensions are customized as your request and for different purposes:
  • Small size is usually for tote wine bags, cooler lunch bags
  • Medium size is good for shopping bags, grocery bags, gift bags
  • A large size is nice for beach bags, industrial bags

Is it profitable to sell custom tote bags online?

  • If you want to start a business selling custom tote bags online that’s would be a great market. From the google trends, the tote bag increase year by year, which means the market requests are increasing.

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  • Before you start the business, you need to consider the target market of the tote bags, make something special to show your personality, you can focus on one niche to develop your brand, or combine the tote bag with other items to be a set.
  • Custom tote bags are good for a small business, no need for a lot of start-up money, and low MOQ.
  • And then, you should think about where will you start your business. Sell online by website, social media, or local shop? The more visits, the more profits.

Should you put a tote bag in the washing machine?

  • Canvas and cotton tote bags can be washed by machine, plastic, and leather, it’s better to wash my hands.