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Custom printed swimsuits from nothing to build your brand: The complicated guide

Devilshe offering the most competitive price for customize swimwear & wholesale.

Devilshe gives you consolidation service for providing custom swimwear to package and shipping service.

Devilshe with rich experience to help customers build  brands, and design your own bikini.

Opening a fashion business is the dream for any swimsuit designer. However, create your label and find a reliable swimwear factory to make your idea into life is the biggest challenge. 

Especially for no experienced designer in actually running the swimsuit business. It’s an arduous task! 

Only cooperate with a good factory, you will get good products and build your brand sustainable.

Devilshe is a leading custom swimsuit maker. complicated guide on how to custom-made swimsuits.

1. Targeting your niche determines the style of your custom design swimwear

2. Make a plan for your business, the design, the fabric you choose, quantity to start.

3. Contact with swimwear manufacturers.

4. Know clearly about the process of custom bathing suits.

5. Swimsuits shipping information

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custom made swimwear

Targeting your niche

Targeting: make research and decide on your niche, this determines how to customize your own bikini, swimwear for your brand. 

Know what’s your target customer likes, the quality they prefer, which help you set your sale price and choose the fabric and accessory.

Give you a guide to custom design & print for your swimwear and bikini.

Target your niche also help you choose the marketing channel. To open stores or shop online, know all your competition, and you must have a secret weapon to set you apart from your competition and stand out from the crowd.

Set your own designed swimsuit with durability and competitive pricing would be a great help, which needs a good swimsuit factory to help achieve your goal.

Make a plan for your business

Custom made bathing suits should to know how many design styles, pieces, and when will you start to sell your products?

Find the right factory, get the estimated sample testing date, mass production date, shipping time.

Design your own bathing suit and customize your own bikini online Now!



Custom design your own bathing suits from China a good choice, but it’s important to learn, understand, and accept the differences between diverse personalities, cultures, there must be misunderstanding and some delay during the production. 

Please prepare enough time for sample trials before mass production and shipment must be some changes and adjustments. If you plan, you have enough time for shipping by sea, which can save your cost a ton.

private label swimwear manufacturer in china custom your print bathing suits

Find a reliable swimwear factory

design your own swimwear line

Choosing a suitable custom made bikinis manufacturer can feel like a daunting task for anyone starting in the industry. But Devilshe here always helps you to decide what fabrics you should use for your products, support a good price, delivery on time. All these can be overwhelming for a beginner, never be a challenge anymore. Devilshe, the custom swimwear manufacturer, help you become successful by doing the things that passionate you. Send your email to to customize your own swimsuit.

How to customize swimsuit?

1) Create a sketch or design file for your designed custom swimsuit printing

First, create a sketch, a drawing with your idea. If you already own a piece of swimsuit that you want to modify then take some pictures from every side and indicate if there any changes needed. Certainly, we can custom bathing suit with picture.
Without any swimsuit, just send your idea with the sketch. You can turn the sketches to beautiful design files with sizes.

Benefits of creating an accurate design file are:

1. Accurate quotes: we can calculate the material according to the design file

2. Fewer sample trials, you know clearly about what you need and look like

3. Reduce error or misunderstanding – sales can forward your design file to the operator without any misunderstanding.

If you cannot provide this, just provide your sketch, we will do it for you.​

2) Design File With The Right Formats:​

Creating your own swimwear line

Customize your own bathing suit online, it’s important to send the right formats. The normally used formats such as AI and PSD in vector format, but make sure the design in the right size and dimensions. 

If you only have a picture, you can easy to find on Fiverr or Freelancer who can convert at a low cost. After we receive the finalized design we can move forward quickly.

3) Choose your swimsuit fabric or custom

Be specific the weight and color or printing pattern you want to apply for your custom swimsuit, if you have no idea, let us help you make the choice. 

However, if some special fabric needs, it takes a long time to custom or even import. Do not choose a small quantity for a much different printing pattern, this may cost you too much and takes too long. Weeks or even months. Make sure you are aware of that.

4) Samples For custom fit bathing suits

Sample making is the most important stage. It’s the process of transfer your sketch into reality. It often takes a couple of times before you think it perfect. 

At this stage, we can also evaluate whether your design suitable for mass production. And how many days need takes.

After you get the sample, you can test it, wear it, stretch and wash it. See if there any details need to be changed and send the feedback to us.

Sample trial is needed

There is no doubt that it needs some adjustment if not comfortable enough.

When samples, size, and material all confirm, and the swimsuit approved for bulk production. Then you need to list quantity for each item and size. In this way, everything looks clear.

Note: Higher quantities will always have better margins and lower production prices. At the start to test the market with a small quantity to run, you have to cost a little bit more.

Process of custom swimsuits

Now, you can see all the stages of production. Custom one piece bathing suits may consist of 30 individual parts. creation starts the reception of your design as well as the material patterns and view. We can custom any styles of your designed bathing suits.  Custom bathing suit tops, custom made plus size swimwear, one piece or two pieces sets.

Can custom printed swimwear fabric as your designs, the patterns are all dealt with by our computer. Then the design department transformed all the text and pattern on the fabric before starts into production. Custom logo and printing on swimwear.

The individual piece of swimsuit pattern carefully placed on the fabric, keeping the mark for the best way on the fabric. For the best fit, we account the alignment for the pattern as well as the direction.

Once the alignment fit and the good place found, the fabric can be print and put into production for large quantities. 

Before the fabric of the pattern can be put to production, have to go through a quality control test at the fabric inspection machine, the operator checks the direction of printing and pattern. Small different find immediately. Everything good, then the material sent to the warehouse.

Once the fabric goes to the production, the designer adds the individual core bikini to the pattern fabric, correct on the computer. this process is the key to our great fit.

The auto goes straight to the product, the place of individual piece pattern prints on the paper called a markup.


custom swimsuits fabric
cut custom swimsuit layers

Which down late the fabric layer to the cutting process, the fabric cut, the cut late on the face of each and fix for the swim pattern, as normal more than 30 layers down on top of each other, as the consequence, the fabric layers cannot shift make the cutting size more precise. So, make sure MOQ 300pcs per color / style.

Precise knife cut the 30 layers of the fabric.

The construction of the bikini it made a difference. To achieve the perfect fit, we use a variety of pattern decoration to the different figures, like a soft bra and underwire support. We offer low back or high back, etc.

The wide straps needed for a big cup.

Once all pieces are complicated, the swimsuit goes to production.

The bikini goes to 15 different steps before finished and can be packaged to the customers.

At the first stage of the production, the machinery operates for the straps of the loops for the swimsuit. Firstly, loops cut to the right length. For the fabric of the straps the end gets suit together and cut to the right length, the loop for the bottoms and straps for the tops are on their way. At the gathering machine, some get straps and stand gathered.

The next is for the same bikini bottoms, the fabric lining suit together at the sides.

The overlock machine suits and cuts the fabric and lining. 

To achieve a perfect fit. In all of the bikini and swimsuit enable to adjust every movement, the fabric needs to very flexible and seems ought to the movement. this is achieved by the stitch rating, the highest rate is the 13 stitches for 1” are an ideal. some bikini top gets partial support. 

In the next stage, the swimwear bottom gets cut at the opposite, gets bend, keeps a good eye on the product before send to the next stage.

Washing label and all other information are printed on to the tap.

Now the bikini bottoms are getting the loops are made from the first stage. and labels get the suit on the bottom sides of the bikini and bra.

The bikini bottom and top go to the Double-needle machine.

Then the overlock machine comes used again, the bras part get scrunch for some styles.

The bikini now gets it straps, and the part gets a suit in and inter-touched to both pieces.

The wire is not yet in the bikini top, and the operator first to test the size and pre-suit for the right size.

Wire bend for the loop station, the operator put the wire into the bra, and next machine the operator closes the ends, so the wire cannot move out of the bra.

Yard with many different colors all range of supplies for all swimwear.

Besides, there are lots of loops, beads and bands, decoration beads and bottoms, metal material and plastic, for your creative idea.

The fast snap for the bikini top attached and strap gets closed at last.

QC and accessories


QC: test labels, loops, and bottoms, yet this still a lot to do, QC operator has a good eye and sharp it to cut every little overhead string and every piece meticulously. This is called clean clauses at the finished part. hygiene protection for the retailer gets attached.

Once you overlook the whole product then move to the package department.

Custom printed label

Build your brand, the custom label is necessary, you can choose pp, paper or transparent pvc. Printed with your logo and slogan. 

Packaging, and delivery

Inform us in advance if you have your design and selections for the packaging. Devilshe can do one stop service for you. In this way, can control the whole production time, and update you the specific delivery time.

Certainly, packaging influence the shipping ways. Normally use bag to package the swimsuit, if you want to package with a gift box, there is no doubt that to add shipping cost. Never mind, a gift is expensive than normal swimsuit.

Devilshe, the custom bikini maker  can provide all kinds of shipping ways for your selecting, just tell us your airport, seaport, even a door to door service.

Above all, you can see that production of custom makde bikini suits is a complicated process from different department. Having a whole plan including each detail let your project move successfully. If things go wrong or not as your planned, do not feel stressed. Fashion industrial there is no fixed standard to evaluate the fashion level. There must customers would love your unique custom-made bathing suits. Also, you need take some mistakes and errors in your considering margins. So, make your plans and focused on the launch of your new products.

With all this being said, you can overcome the challenges of starting a swimsuit line with enough research and preparation, but be sure to be flexible in terms of timeline, budget, and desired outcomes. Contact us now to start your custom designed printed swimwear.

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