Custom Personalized Dog Bone Christmas Stockings Wholesale

Custom Personalized Dog Bone Christmas Stocking Wholesale

Custom personalized dog bone Christmas stockings wholesale from the manufacturer in China, with a variety of selections to choose from. We guarantee a high-quality and fast turnaround.

Buy bulk of dog bone Christmas stockings are unique and special to decorate the store, shop, and supermarkets.

  • Size: 25*40cm or customized
  • Material: Buffalo plaid and burlap
  • Color: Red and black, natural color
  • Printing: Thermal printing, digital printing, screen printing, embroidery
  • MOQ: 500pcs

Why buy wholesale dog bone stockings?

Buy custom personalized dog bone stockings from us, you are lucky enough to get this modern Christmas decoration and the cheap factory-direct price.

They are cute and amusing, help you attract new clients, and take up more market share. Hanging this dog bone stocking in your local store can be eye-catching, attract more visitors to come, and increase your sales.

People would love to spend much to buy all kinds of Christmas decorations, this one can be a popular type, you do not worry about deadstock, make plans to make sure there are enough for selling.

If you want to earn more money or attract more clients during this holiday season, do not hesitate to contact us, let our professional team support you. Make your thoughts and ideas into life.

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