Custom Personalized Aprons Wholesale Supplier

Devilshe provides custom designed aprons, guarantee every perfer finished item & great service.

  • Custom diversity of aprons for men, women & kids.
  • Custom personalized aprons with different material.
  • A variety of styles to choose from, simple or morden aprons available.
  • Thermal printing, digital printing, screen printing, embroidery are workable.
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Devilshe Custom Unique & Designed Aprons Wholesale

If you are looking for a reliable custom personalized aprons wholesale supplier in China, here is the right place. Rich experienced team, professional design staffs, friendly sales provide faster feedback. 

With a variety of styles to choose from, you can get the competitive wholesale price, and mix orders are acceptable, save your time and money to test your market in a short time. Custom-made with logo printing, pockets, and different sizes, shapes are available here.

Custom Styles of Aprons

Custom bulk styles of aprons from Devilshe, you have tons of selections for the styles: adjustable or fixed, bib aprons, cobbler aprons, waist and long sleeve. Select the right material for your uses, from waxed canvas, soft cotton, to leather, plastic, waterproof PVC, light-weighted non-woven. Personalized it to meet your clients’ hobbies, styles and inspiration. keep it blank or any colors like white, black, green, pink, blue, even vintage styles.

Custom Cross Back Leather Apron Wholesale for Men & Women (1)

Custom Cross Back Leather Apron Wholesale for Men & Women

Custom cross back apron with leather material is durable and strong, waterproof and oil proof, soft and comfortable. Removeable and cross-back shoulders are easy to tie, and fixed, and will not fall off. It’s much more convenient during working.

personalized denim waist apron wholesale

Custom Personalized Denim Waist Apron Wholesale

Custom personalized waist apron with denim canvas material, it’s durable and strong, breathable and moisture absorption. A waist apron is unencumbered when doing some work, no matter in a restaurant, coffee shop, tea shop, or flower shop.

custom bulk of canvas apron for women

Custom Adults Women’s Long Sleeve Canvas Apron Wholesale

Custom adults’ women’s long sleeve apron wholesale with canvas material, selected the high-quality material, soft, durable, breathable, and skin-friendly. This long sleeve canvas apron is suitable for any person, no matter slim or little fatty, people can make an adjustment.

Custom Non-woven Funny & Cute Kitchen Aprons Wholesale

Custom Non-woven Funny & Cute Kitchen Aprons Wholesale

Custom funny and cute kitchen aprons with non-woven material, it’s eco-friendly and reusable, washable and durable. light-weighted won’t bring much burden but can be designed in any shape and printing colors. Waterproof and oil resistance.

wholesale canvas apron

Custom Heavy Duty Chef Canvas Work Apron Wholesale

Custom heavy-duty work aprons with canvas material, it’s durable, strong, and water-resistant, great design is the popular style, soft cotton available to make it in different sizes for all. It’s washable allows people to keep it clean and tidy.

bulk of waxed apron

Custom 2 Pockets Waxed Canvas Work Apron Wholesale

Custom work apron, we selected the high-quality waxed canvas, make sure it’s waterproof and wear-resistant, provide much convenience, and protect people’s uniform. Soft and thicker canvas is durable and strong, breathable and comfortable.

Custom Aprons for Adults & Kids

Custom trendy designs apron in bulk for men, women and kids, personalized aprons make cooking fun, decorate kitchen and workshop, make them look great during working.

front side of denim apron

Custom Bulk Men’s Denim Apron with Pockets and Leather Straps

Custom men’s aprons with denim material, it’s strong and durable, water-repellent, antistatic, ideal for multi-functions no matter at home or outside working.

Custom Women’s Black Denim Kitchen Apron Wholesale

Custom Women’s Black Denim Kitchen Apron Wholesale

Custom women’s kitchen apron with denim material, it’s durable and strong, waterproof and antistatic, oil and dustproof. Ideal for cooking, baking, and gardening.

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Custom Personalized Kids' Apron Wholesale with Printing

Custom personalized kids' apron wholesale with canvas or polyester material, soft and confortable, special printings add fun to kids doing cooking and painting.

Custom Personalized Aprons Bulk from Devilshe


Choose a type of apron from our styles or your designs


Select the right material suitable for your industries

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Why Custom Aprons Wholesale from Devilshe

Devilshe is the professional apron manufacturer in China, provides OEM & ODM service. Factory-direct price helps you save lot. Buy more save more.

Apron has a big market, suitable for any service, industries and work. Comfortable and useful for men, women, and kids. Apron is washable, and diversity, protect people’s clothes clean and tidy, as well as show their personalities.

You can easy sell personalized aprons in your shop online or local store, enrich the items, increase your sales and income.

Custom personalized apron is a special gift for holiday, or in this Christmas season. People would love to spend more time cooking at home, and aprons become more and more popular.

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Applications of Apron

coffee apron

Apron for Bar

bbq apron

BBQ Apron

apron for painting

Apron for Painting

flower shop apron

Flower Shop Apron

motorcycle garage apron

Garage Apron

restaurant apron

Restaurant Apron

star baker apron

Star Baker Apron

cooking apron for kitchen

Apron for Cooking

Create your own personalized aprons today, get competitive wholesale price from Devilshe, make cooking fun, or distinguish the chef, master, make your staffs look great and brand stand out!

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