Custom Non-Woven Bags Wholesale

Custom non-woven bags bring “green” to the world. Non-woven polypropylene bags are durable, breathable, reusable, and washable.

Custom printed non-woven bags with a nice look and bright color ideal for brands promotional gifts. Custom print polypropylene bags for your event, tradeshow, or conference with your personalized logo deliver the concept of eco-friendly.

Custom non-woven bags wholesale at a competitive price won’t break your budget, but help develop your brand name.

If you dealing with non-woven bags wholesale market means all persons will be your potential clients.

Certainly, non-woven reusable shopping bags save cost for the end-user, since it is durable and last for years, and can be used for any item. Personalized printed pictures look fashionable and unique.

Custom printed non-woven bags manufacturer in China

If you want to custom non-woven bags in bulk, finding a reliable non-woven bag company is important. BG bag is your ideal choice. We are a custom non-woven bags manufacturer in China with an experienced team.

In-house, full facilities guarantee fast delivery and high quality. Choosing us as your non-woven bags’ supplier means you have endless selections of custom printed non-woven bags. Easy to communicate with sales person save your time.

Custom non-woven bags in different styles

Custom D Cut Non-Woven Bag:

D cut non-woven bags normally no bottom & side panel, used as carrying bags, which is great for garment bags or carry-on small gifts. The handle is a soft and essential part of the D-cut non-woven bag.

Custom W Cut Non-Woven Bag:

Custom W cut or U cut non-woven bags are the best replacement for plastic bags, design in a small or medium size good for bottles of juice, grocery, or as the take-out package. With the bottom, the panel can stand perfectly and support the goods better. Print with “thank you” best for the thank you t-shirt bag wholesale.

Custom Loop Handle Non-Woven Bag:

Custom non-woven bags with handles almost used by everyone, used for shopping in the market, as a promotional gift in the event, moving advertising on the trade show.

People take them everywhere on the street, go to the store, or package them for wine and gifts. You can also custom foldable non-woven bags.

Custom non-woven tote bags are belonging to this type, you can customize grocery shopping bags wholesale with your brand logo, people will use it hundreds or thousands of times, which brings your brand name to the public endless times.

Corporations prefer to custom non-woven tote bags in bulk as promotional bags. non-woven tote bags wholesale is budget-friendly also eco-friendly.

non-woven shopping tote bags wholesale with bright colors and fun logos come into a variety of sizes, look stylish, and fashionable. Using non-woven gift bags is also a nice choice.

Different types of non-woven tote bags:

  • Non-woven tote bag without bottom and side panel
  •  Non-woven tote bag with bottom panel no side panel
  •  Non-woven tote bag with bottom and side panel
  •  Non-woven tote bag with reinforced handle till to the bottom
  •  Non-woven tote bag with different color
  •  Non-woven tote bag with pocket outside

Custom drawstring non-woven bags

Custom drawstring non-woven bags can be seen widely used for shoe packages, leather handbag packages, etc. Due to the breathable and non-toxic features, drawstring non-woven bags can protect them perfectly.

How to print on non-woven polypropylene bags?

Screen printing is the most conmen used method, suitable for one or two simple colors.

Water-based printing inks that are soft, breathable, and able to soak into the fabric rather than sitting on top. It’s fastness and lasts for years. Suitable for different colors and complicated design printing.

Gravure printing the image is engraved onto a cylinder-like offset printing and flexography, it uses a rotary printing press. Suitable for large area printing, the color and picture can be excellent, fast process, and turn around. Plus, it’s waterproof.

Thermal printing produces a printed image by selectively heating coated thermochromic paper, or thermal paper as it is commonly known when the paper passes over the thermal print head. It’s suitable for small area printing, looks bright and vivid.

Advantages of custom non-woven bags wholesale

  • Eco-friendly: Non-woven bags are 100% green and environmentally friendly, there are biodegradable, non-toxic, and recycled.
  • Durable: Non-woven bags are a durable and good replacement for plastic bags. The feature of reusable can save resources.
  • Waterproof and washable: Non-woven bags with the protective film is waterproof, can protect your items even during rainy days.
  • Breathable: Non-woven bags are breathable that can be used on a large scale from daily uses tools to farm products as well as fresh food.
  • Low cost: Non-woven bags are cheaper than other shopping bags, custom non-woven bags in bulk with advertising text can be a great way to promote your brand.

If you are looking forward to producing quality non-woven bags wholesale, then do not hesitate to keep in touch with Devilshe, which the non-woven bag factory in China will do our best to support your projects.

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