Custom personalized burlap tote bags bulk

Jute tote bags are one of the fashionable bags nowadays, there are diversity and natural color, easy to decorate and excellent for business promotion.

If you are looking custom wholesale jute tote bags factory in China, here is the right place. We are professional for custom make burlap tote bags, any sizes, shapes, and colors all can produce as your designs.

We can combine cotton and jute, make it unique and special. Cotton material can be a great decoration and front pocket of the jute tote.

Large and medium-size burlap tote bags are ideal for shopping bags, holiday gift bags, they are top-open and easy to reach out to.

You have options to add a button or a smooth zipper to protect things inside from dropping. Custom in small size totes with drawstring closure, add some insulating material, which can be a great cooler bag or lunch bag, it’s useful and functional.

We can also add some decorations like beads, ribbons, scarves on the small jute tote, it’s a fashionable gift handbag, for the holiday celebration, daily uses, and bridesmaid bags.

Burlap tote bags are also suitable for mini size, like single bottle bags to coat on the wine bottle, easy to carry and looks nice, there are many areas for custom printing, deliver more information to your clients.

What’s more, open a window with PVC material, allows people to see what is inside as well as dust proof. From the appearance and function, the jute wine tote bag plays an important role.


Who buys custom jute tote bags wholesale from us?

Shop and store owners: Jute tote bags are a great gift for holidays, ceremonies, and weddings, if you own a gift shop or online store, add the right styles to your purchase listing. Increase your sales and attract new clients.

Wine brands: Add extra value to your wine brand, leave a deep impression on your loyal clients. Jute totes are reusable, whenever they pick it up, your logo reminds them. Help them to transport wine bottles by custom make burlap wine totes.

Companies: Jute tote bags are eco-friendly, send them to your partners, vendors, loyal clients, or potential customers with logo, deliver the concept of environmentally-friendly. Help you build a good image and develop your brand.

On the other hand, this is a functional item, people won’t throw it away, each bag can be used 5000 times, which can bring many unexpected opportunities to you.

What’s more, this jute tote would be a great gift for your employees, let them feel a sense of belongings.


If you want to build your brand or earn more money, do not hesitate to contact us, our team will help you to make your dream come true.

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