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Custom garden flags wholesale from the professional manufacturer in China, provide a variety of styles of garden flags with different sizes, shapes, colors, and material, custom printed with company logo, the brand name for decoration or business promotion is available here.

What is a garden flag?

Garden flags are made of lightweight fabric flags in small or mini size display on the garden, with creative and personalized printing or keep it blank to show the ideas and thoughts, welcome words, and message.

Custom garden flags wholesale you can expand your customer base take much market share. Here, you have many different choices to design your garden flag pole in bulk. Custom wholesale burlap garden flags, nylon flags, or polyester garden flags in bulk.

Shop bulk of garden flags wholesale from us, you have different selections to choose from:

Blank garden flags wholesale

Blank garden flags bulk is cheaper than printed, select different colors to decorate the garden, yard, and house, add some contrast to the simple house and the whole green garden. Buy wholesale mini garden flags in the triangle, rectangle, and custom shapes, make life colorful.

Dog garden flags wholesale

Custom personalized dog garden flags bulk to decorate the shop or dog garden, showing off your love of animals. Share the unique and stylish photo or image of dogs, change season by season. You can also add friendly words to welcome the dogs’ house flags.

Magnolia garden flags wholesale

Custom magnolia lane garden flags wholesale to meet your customers’ preparation to change their garden flags when the Spring is coming. The vivid and fresh color looks nice and bright, Add some beautiful things to the vibrant garden. Custom “welcome” words help you to win more potential clients, inspirational quotes get your customers impressed.

Burlap garden flags wholesale

Buy burlap garden flags in bulk wholesale are eco-friendly and natural, no matter you order blank burlap garden flags with decorative ruffles in a different color or select thermal printing, digital printing, and embroidery to show your ideas or thoughts, which can catch visitors’ attention.

Christmas garden flags wholesale

Every holiday season cannot miss buying bulk garden flags to add some funny elements to the Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and Spring festivals. Custom printed with Christmas tree, Santa Clause, pumpkin, and Easter eggs. Decorate your store, shop, or the yard, house of your customers, and enjoy it.

Buffalo plaid garden flag blank

Custom buffalo plaid garden flags in blank are perfect to add names and initials, Custom printing on one side or both sides as your request, embroidery text or photos never fade off even outside for a long time. No matter red or white buffalo are always amazing to hang in the garden or yard.

The Process of Custom Garden Flags


Custom wholesale garden flags from us, your reliable supplier in China, offer the factory-direct price, the more you buy, the more competitive price. You have different options of any shapes, sizes, and colors, send your message and text want to print and images or pictures related to your brand.


Why custom garden flags wholesale?

Custom garden and house flags wholesale to decorate the garden, yard, shop, and house, make things look fancy and nice. You can buy bulk orders for different season garden flags to change it season by season. magnolia garden flags bulk for spring, seaside for summer, good harvest for autumn, and snow for winter.

custom garden flags bulk with quotes, send the inspirational message to the visitors.

Wholesale decorative flags are the favorites during every holiday, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and Spring festival. The garden flags are also a good gift for promotional. Custom printed with your brand logo and let your name open.


How to custom your own garden flags in bulk?

Design your own garden flag and select your preferred material, our experienced team will support you to finish every perfect garden flag as your requested quantity.

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