Custom Clear Tote Reusable Bottle Bags Wholesale

Custom Clear Tote Reusable Bottle Bag Wholesale

Custom clear tote reusable bottle bags wholesale from the manufacturer in China, available for different sizes and shapes, customized is acceptable for bulk orders.

Shop bulk clear tote bags for shopping, package your items, or carrying wine bottles is a great choice. Easy to carry and clean with PVC clear material.

  • Size: 13*15*7cm, 13*19*8cm, 15*16*8cm, 20*16*8cm, 8.5*32*7cm, 16*32*8cm, 22*30*8cm or customized
  • Material: Soft PVC
  • Color: Clear
  • Printing: Screen printing, UV printing
  • MOQ: 500pcs

Why buy custom clear tote reusable bottle bags wholesale?

Buy clear tote reusable bottle bags wholesale from us, you can get the factory-direct price. A variety of sizes are available for choosing from, customized is acceptable here.

Competitive prices help you save costs and attract new clients, expand your market and build a brand.

A custom printed logo for this reusable bottle bag is an economical way to promote your business. Each tote bottle bag can meet hundreds and thousands of people, which can bring many unexpected opportunities to your business.

Except for carrying bottles, this clear tote bag is ideal for package gift sets, displaying what is inside and protect perfectly during transportation.

If you are going to buy a bulk of clear tote bags for your products package, do not hesitate to contact us, get a free quote now!

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