Custom Black Mesh Drawstring Backpack Wholesale

Custom Black Mesh Drawstring Backpacks Wholesale

Custom black mesh drawstring backpack wholesale from the manufacturer in China get the cheap price and professional service.

Black mesh drawstring backpacks are ideal for sports, gym bags, basketball bags, football bags, book bags, and promotional items. Shop bulk you have the option to custom your logo, brand name.

  • Size: Customized
  • Material: Mech fabric
  • Color: Black or customized
  • Printing: Thermal printing, digital printing, screen printing, embroidery
  • MOQ: 500pcs

Why buy a custom black mesh drawstring backpack wholesale?

Buy bulk of custom black mesh drawstring backpack from us, your reliable factory in China, offer you competitive price, ship by bulk, save you hundreds of dollars shipping cost.

This excellent price helps you to attract new clients and take up more market share, you get the first step to developing your brand.

A multi-functional mesh backpack can expand your customer groups, do not worry about deadstock, make plans to make sure this is enough for selling.

Mesh backpack is washable and reusable, each bag can be used 5000 times, wherever people wear it, your logo follows. Every bag displays your logo hundreds or thousands of times. In this way, can save you limited less advertising cost.

Catch the chance to promote your business, keep in touch and get a free quote, our team will turn your idea into life.

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