Colored Cotton Tote Bags Wholesale

Colored Cotton Tote Bags Wholesale

Custom cotton tote bags wholesale with natural body color with custom printing, design a special color to match your themes, supermarket promotion, library concept, yoga, and gym business development.

Buy colored cotton tote bags in bulk at a cheap wholesale price, but elegant and simple look, multi-function, and eco-friendly.

The cotton totes with different colors can shape in a variety of sizes, styles, with side and bottom gussets or not, according to your designs.

  • Size: customized
  • Material: cotton or canvas
  • Printing: full-color print
  • MOQ: 500pcs

Why buy colored cotton tote bags wholesale?

There is a large area for cotton tote bags, custom print suitable for any industrial and purpose.

Custom print stripes for daily uses, go to the park carry baby care items. Fill with swimsuits, beach towels, and toys, go tother the whole family to the seaside, enjoy the sunshine on the beach or swimming. What’s more, the simple tote is also suitable for pool visits.

Custom print cartons can be eye-catching for little girls and boys to cover their books, certainly, you can make use of the printing to promote your brand toys. Wherever they go, your logo follows.

Custom yoga and gym posts, to show your professionals before people know you. Custom quotes are simple words but excited as holiday gifts, or return gifts to your employees after a year of hard-working.

Colored cotton tote bags are outstanding and special, increase your brand awareness wherever people go. Never miss such a good idea to promote your business, if you are ready for your design, send your requests now!

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