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Devilshe, the custom bag manufacturer in China must be the one you are looking for. Located in Qiao Tou, Dongguan city, Guangdong province since 2008. Yes, Devilshe 12-year-old. With 60-70 workers, 7 engineers, and 49 skill-man. Not the biggest, but we do care about the details of customizing your bags in bulk.

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As a 12-year-old custom bag company, we do guarantee every finished bag satisfying your end customer.

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Why Choose Us?

We will use the same material and do the actual measurements with the golden sample or your design.

Offset printing, digital printing, thermal printing, or embroidery, keep color always stable for mass production.

Outstanding workmanship support you sell in-store instead of only online and can be the eye-catching items in your bag shop.

The most important is Logo, which stands for your brand, we know the importance of developing the brand as well as the custom logo on the bag.

Certainly, the function is the main point, be sure to make the bag reliable.

Plus, we know you pay attention to the accessories, so do we. Your customers will more trust to you with quality accessories.

As an experienced custom bag maker, we know you are sick of dirty stain, wrinkle, poor stitching, zipper puller tape sewed into the seam or bad zipper, poor binding or sewing, and broken seam, etc. All these details are included in our QC lists.

We can say that 99.5% shipment on time, around 7 days for sample production, about 20 working days for mass production.

Devilshe as a customized bag maker devotes ourselves to make quality bag wholesale overseas to bring happiness and fun to all customers. Bag, no matter treat as a gift or functional tool, which bring much fun to the receiver.

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Happy workers

Relative to domestic, we bring many opportunities for our workers and help their families. It’s also a happy thing.

If you choose us as your partner for customized bags, means you give much value to your customers. Now feel free to contact us or make friends!

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