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The story of Devilshe

My name is Catherine, and I graduated from college in 2010 and met Jane when we both attended a job interview. Unfortunately, neither Jane or myself was successful. In the days that followed, we were both looking for a job, and attended many interviews. Finally, we chose foreign trade in different industries. We still kept in touch and shared interesting things.

In 2013, Jane decided to start her own company and began her journey in the swimsuit industry.

As Jane’s orders increased, and her swimsuit business expanded, she invited me to join. We had many similarities in our business outlook.

I did not hesitate to join Jane in her business and at that time, the swimsuit in-house production line started. 

We started this swimwear factory, not only to make a profit but to realize our values and provide quality jobs for female workers. We provide quality products and meet the needs of our customers around the world. 

Our company is called Devilshe. We bring fun to swimwear – for our wholesalers, bikini wholesale distributors, swimsuit shoppers, bikini company and end-users. Our workers have fun undertaking their work as we provide good working conditions. Also help ladies more beautiful and confidence.

Our Vision: To be a fun and inspiring custom made swimwear factory that supports shop owners and brands around the world through innovative designs.

Devilshe is the bathing suit maker, provide quality swimwear with competitive prices, produced on sustainable development principles, winning our customer’s loyalty as well as our workers’ support.


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What Devilshe can provide?

Devilshe is a custom swimwear printing manufacturer located: 3rd Floor. No.21, Liu’An Road,

Yuanzhou Town, Boluo Country Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, China. 

We provide wholesale bikinis of all styles – two set bikinis, one-piece bikini, sexy swimwear, and Brazilian cut bikinis. We also provide private label swimwear manufacturers with different bikinis, ready designed. As well, we are a custom swimwear maker.

Why customize your bikini from Devilshe?

We are always here 7*24

We work hard to develop our bathing suits, know our market, and understand the swimwear trends.

Devilshe–Jane and I make a great team – Jane takes care of the designs, crafts and production, and I take care of the marketing. Devilshe provides wholes affordable trendy swimwear.

If you are planning to start your swimsuit shop online or expand your fashion clothing brand, we have the deigns and stock to help you grow your business. 

If you do not have a designer, just send your ideas and we will develop your ideas. 

We can send you a price list for different shipping options. 

Do you have a request about a special swimwear fabric or label? Let us know, as we do our best to meet your requirements. 

Workers are steadily

Guangdong province has the largest population in China. Devilshe has professional technicians and production quality inspectors, and our workers are steady and reliable. You don’t need to worry about your production time and the quality of our swimwear is guaranteed.

Advanced machinery and equipment

Our bikini factory in Guangdong province features the most advanced machinery and equipment. When you purchase from Devilshe, your custom bikinis and swimwear will be the best.
Our automatic end trimming saves a lot of time and guarantees your delivery time.

A place where fabric is produced

Devilshe is located in a place where the cloth is produced. Customize your bikini designs. We use digital printing, offset printing, and transfer printing. We can produce your unique and boutique bikinis.

Package, we choose 7.5mm thickness

Our usual carton size is 50*40*40cm, around 15-18kg per carton, and this size is ideal for express or air transportation.
The 7.5mm thickness carton is durable and provides protection for the swimwear inside.

Convenient transportation

Huizhou is close to Shenzhen City, and is convenient for shipment, by air or by sea. Devilshe works in cooperation with a logistic company. This saves on the shipping cost and if you don’t have experience with importing, do not worry, we can help and provide door to door service.
If it’s convenient you are welcome to visit our factory.

Expert service

Devilshe has experience in foreign trade and, communicates effectively and succinctly and this will save your time. 

The Most Popular Fabric Choices For Swimwear​

What type of fabric is used for swimsuits?


Quick drying
UV protection
Maintains its shape
Suitable for standard wash cycles


Soft and comfortable fabric
Good elasticity
Washes well


Sustainable fabrics
Super-soft and rich hand feel
Recycled Fabrics

Your Dream. Our Mission.

How to customize your bikini boutique

When customizing your boutique bikini, choosing a reliable bikini factory is most important. Devilsheis the right choice.

The production process

Once you finish your designs or ideas, or choose from our catalog, we can bring your ideas to life. 

This is the best option for a startup company.

Devilshe has a vast amount of experience, and can help with every element from design to production. We can save on your design cost and assist build your brand in a short time.

Fashion styles for your choice

If you are a branded company with your own designs, full package production is a great option. We provide a total service, from custom bikini in bulk to a unique package with your logo. This process can help you to control production time and quality. If you need more details about the best option for your project, just get in touch!   

My nickname is Cartier lighter keeper

You can treat me as your friend more than your swimwear vendor. I have a nickname – Cartier lighter keeper. This nickname came about when my client left a limited-edition Cartier lighter with me, and I looked after it for three years, until he returned to China.

If you want to know anything about our company or my story, you can send an email to I look forward to hearing from you. 

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