3 Ring Binder Pencil Pouch Bulk

3 Ring Binder Pencil Pouch Bulk

Buy bulk of 3 ring binder pencil pouch from the manufacturer in China, with different colors available, or custom print company logo, brand name, or special sizes.

Shop wholesale 3 ring binder pencil pouches for multi-purpose, collecting pens, pencils, rule, eraser, or other tools, what’s more, it’s the favorite of office workers to store their bills and tickets.

  • Size: 21.8*18.5cm or customized
  • Material: Nylon and mesh
  • Color: Black, pink, blue, orange, yellow, green, or customized
  • Printing: Thermal printing, digital printing, screen printing, embroidery
  • MOQ: 500pcs

Why buy 3 ring pencil pouch bulk?

Buy binder pencil pouch bulk from us, you can get the factory-direct price, different colors available, custom printing acceptable. You can get what you want and get the value of what you paid.

Competitive price helps you to attract new clients, start up your brand building to take up more market share.

Buy 3 ring binder pencil pouch bulk for multi-purpose, reselling can expand your clients, not only for students or office workers, buy pencil pouch for the artist to collect their tools, for adults to make their bills and tickets in order.

In addition to that, 3 ring binder pencil pouch is a great gift, distribute to your partners, vendors, or potential clients, leave a deep impression on them, what’s more, buy a pencil pouch as a return gift to build a good relationship.

If you are looking for a pencil pouch factory, then, look no further, here is the right place. Send your requirements and needed quantity, and get a free quote.

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